A few words about us ...

Our Foundation is a NON PROFIT organization - this means that all collected funds, both cash and material, are 100% transferred to pre-defined purposes. All activities related to the functioning of the foundation, its accounting, transport and advertising are sponsored directly by Matex Transport.

For several years, Matex Transport has been supporting foundations and actively participates in many charity campaigns, which include improving conditions in the Krakow shelter for homeless animals and helping children suffering from cancer. A certain dissatisfaction caused by restrictions and the thought that we could do more inspired us to found the Matex "Bezbronni" Foundation. We want to "infect" with help.

Every day we wear a coat of indifference rushing through the world, ignoring and not looking at the reality surrounding us. We look away when we are uncomfortable. We forget the words when they should be spoken out loud. We lock ourselves in our own world. 

Stop for a moment and pay attention to those who quietly call for Your help.

Look at others and think about how YOU can help them.

Remember that good returns - and it's so easy to help ...

Foundation Matex



The foundation was founded under the auspices of the company Matex Transport and is NON-PROFIT

Our goal was to

"infect" others

with help

Who, where, how and for what? Here you will find all the answers to these questions

"By helping others, you help yourself too. Good always comes back. "

Every, even the smallest

help counts.

Find out

how YOU can help


We work for defenseless beings whose fate has not spared.
We fight for those who cannot fight alone.
We are the voice of those who do not have it.
We help those who need help.



NIP: 6762574139 | REGON: 384892216

KRS: 0000814357

ul. Kilińskiego 2, 30-308 Kraków

email: bezbronni@matex-transport.com 



Fundacja Matex "Bezbronni"

ul. Jana Kilińskiego 2, 30-308 Kraków

NIP: 6762574139  | REGON:  384892216

KRS: 0000814357

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